Nice to see you!

Three major events occurred for me last year (2010), all in the space of about 2 weeks. I turned 50. The following day I got married. Two weeks later, my oldest daughter became pregnant with her first child and my first grandchild.

Most middle-aged people will tell you that in their minds, they still feel 20 something. It's the same for me.

Wasn't it only yesterday that I was planning a night out with guys from the surf club? That gorgeous new perm. Flaired, cuffed denims and the red t-shirt with the off-the-shoulder frill. Corked platform wedgies. **sigh**

Suddenly I'm looking in the mirror and wondering how 30 years can flash by so damned quickly!

So here I am in cyberspace, sharing my genuine shock and horror with anyone who'll listen and maybe I'll even meet some other over 50s who find themselves in the same predicament!

Welcome to my dilemna!!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Down with Wine

Episode 3 of the Autoimmune Disease Solution movie (you've only got til 11am)

Never thought I'd utter these words, but ... I'm giving up wine. In effect, this means that I'm giving up all alcohol because there is nothing else gluten free, sugar free or dairy free that I like.

My body has become increasingly angry with me on Friday nights, even after only two glasses of wine. The monthly lady's luncheons are the same. So my body needs me to remove the toxic alcohol from the menu.

I don't know how long I will need to do this. Possibly forever.

I'm not bothered by it.

This is short and sweet (well maybe not so sweet) because it's after 1am and I really need to get to bed.

I have a 'to do' list a mile long for tomorrow and I'd like to be on the ball for all of it.

Nite all.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Day of Rest

Today was my allotted day of rest.

No commitments. No responsibilities. No deadlines. No appointments.

I did nothing. I stayed in bed until midday! Adoring Husband had SES duties, so he bought me a coffee and delivered it before disappearing for the morning.

I cleaned up my emails. I had over 3,000 unread emails!! I now have 275 unread emails, which I hope to clear tomorrow.

I finally got to the dog food and made up sixteen days of food for them.

I did two loads of washing.

I sat down to do some photo editing, but got two phone calls one after the other, which used up an hour of my editing time, so that was put back on the 'to do' list. I have a free weekend, so I should be able to finish them! Woohoo!

It rained for a good part of the day. Nice, soft, steady rain until this evening when I watched a nasty black storm approaching on the BOM. It had me very concerned, but not long before it hit us, it weakened. It only lasted five minutes and the lightning and thunder was pretty amazing ever so briefly. The rain pelted down for about two minutes and then it was all over!

There are waves of storms approaching from the north, so we may have an interesting night - not as interesting as poor South Australia at the moment who are copping some horrendous weather due to cyclonic storms in a huge low pressure system. The weather is lasting for days (not like our five minutes!) and I think I'd struggle if I was having to deal with it for that long.

It's now 1am - there are a series of seven movies that are only available to watch for free for a 12 hour period each day. They are about autoimmune diseases (arthritis (all forms), thyroid, lupus, psoriasis, MS, mental illness, dementia etc) and the differences between conventional treatment and functional treatment. Most importantly, they delve into 'gut health' and how crucial that is to the immune system and healing the diseases.

I just watched the second of these movies. It's available until about 11am Friday. The first is locked and can't be viewed now. Here is the link to watch episode two and then you just go back each day to get the next episode. Very interesting.

I guess I should get to bed before the sun rises!

Nite all.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

8 Ball Meat Balls

From behind the eight ball yesterday, I eventually found my way to the front of the eight ball and everything fell into place today, very nicely.

Even with my relaxing start to the day, I was able to get almost everything done.

After coffee in bed, I showered and rode down to meet the girls for more coffee. It seemed like forever since we'd spent any quality time together and it was especially nice to catch up with Lady Lynn, Rebel Mardi and Maid Marian. Everybody had lots of news to share and the time passed so quickly, that before we knew it, we all had to rush off to different commitments.

I rode home with enough time to cook up the meatballs, find a recipe and cook up a delicious spicy dipping sauce, figure out how to transport it all, pack my drink cooler with wine, ice and a glass, organise my camera gear and make myself presentable for lunch.

I didn't have time to make up the dog food, but Adoring Husband made a suggestion that helped me postpone that until tomorrow. Thanks darling.

My ride arrived a little bit late, but I was the first of three to be picked up. I thought I had a LOT of gear to fit in the car, but crikey!! The other two were loaded up with a big esky and bags of goodies that had to be loaded in the back of the ute.

A big thank you to The Blonde Bombshell's husband 'Oscar the Grouch' (who really isn't as grouchy as he tries to make out), for dropping us off and picking us up from the luncheon.

There were quite a few ladies already perched and drinking at The Designer's house when we arrived. The Designer's home was stunning and the outdoor area where we gathered was spacious, comfortable and beautifully decorated. Everybody had brought at least one plate of food and there was a table set up in the middle of the area to hold it all.

We served ourselves and then sat at the huge table at the other end of the room to eat.

Luckily, I made my gluten free meatballs, because the only other food that was GF, was The Speckled Hen's avocado dip. I got to enjoy half a dozen of my meatballs, but not the devilled eggs that I'd made because my tummy is no longer 'egg friendly'. I'd also like to add that everybody pounced on my meatballs and devilled eggs and they were the first plates to be emptied!

Aside from the food situation, it was a really enjoyable day. I got to spend time with quite a few of the ladies and met a new young woman who has recently moved to the area. I had a very interesting conversation with The Designer who told me all about her home and how it came to be as it is today. She is certainly a talent.

I took a few happy snaps and one group shot, which unfortunately was taken after a couple of the ladies had already left.

There were sixteen of us (I think) and we all had a very nice time. I'm glad that I made myself go, because for a little while, I was considering staying at home.

The Speckled Hen failed to tell everyone to bring their togs (swimmers), so she was the only one who actually went for a dip in the pool. Two other ladies took their togs but chose not to go in.

It was about 3pm when we all offered our sincere gratitude and bid our farewells to The Designer.

Oscar picked us up and drove us to his and BB's house, where we all had another drink to end the day on a tipsy and jovial note. Just as I was about to phone Adoring Husband to come pick us up, Oscar offered to drive us home. What a good man :)

Needless to say, I was a bit peckish by the time I arrived home, so crispy skinned chicken and salad was the quick and easy way to go for dinner.

It's almost midnight, so you know where I'm off to now?

Nite all.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Behind the 8 Ball

I put myself there. Serves myself right.

During the week that I returned home in the middle of my babysitting gig, I was given the details of our lady's luncheon, which would be held two days after my permanent return.

Usually, we attend a cafe or restaurant or bistro within a 30km radius of town. This month, however, we've been invited to one of our lady's homes, on the outskirts of town. She hasn't been able to attend many of our luncheons this year due to parenting responsibilities. Circumstances have changed in her world and it means that she is free to attend on Wednesdays again, and we're all happy that she will be back in the fold.

The deal is, that we all take a plate. I very vigorously, almost aggressively, selected marinated chicken wings as my plate of choice. It's a paleo recipe that I love and which is easy and quick to make.

Anyway, Adoring Husband and I spent the morning in The Bay doing our grocery shopping, and not once did I remember my commitment to lunch.

It was 3pm when I realised that tomorrow is the luncheon and that I did NOT have the chicken wings!

We jumped in the car and drove to the local butchers. Unfortunately, he had JUST used the last of his chicken wings to make mini cutlets.

Now what?

I told the butcher my tale of woe, not that he could do anything about it, and I also told him that I expected, in the future, for him to be more intuitive and to KNOW when I would be making these requests. Next time, I advised him, I expect him to have exactly what I require!

He promised to try.

I decided, instead, to make chicken and pork mini meatballs with a dipping sauce. For good measure, and because we have a glut of home grown eggs, I also decided to make devilled eggs.

I boiled the eggs when we got home, and then at 8pm, I opened the kitchen for service. I winged it, and made the devilled eggs, not from a recipe, but from my imagination. I mixed up the mince with a bunch of other stuff and made 50 mini meatballs, which are now in the fridge waiting for me to cook them up tomorrow morning.

I cooked 4 of them for a taste test and they are ok, but will definitely require a nice dipping sauce.

My other chore tomorrow morning, will be to make up some dog food! I've cooked up the pumpkin, so it's a matter of blending all the other goodies and then mixing it all with the raw meat and packing it into containers.

Honestly, I've put myself unnecessarily behind the eight ball and I'm feeling the pressure. Hopefully, it will all run smoothly tomorrow morning and I can enjoy a relaxing lunch with the girls.

Time for bed.

Nite all.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Train Trauma

Yes, I exaggerate a little, but comparatively speaking, it was my most traumatic experience on the train.

If this was my first train trip, it would probably be my last! Luckily, the majority of my trips on QLD Rail have been extremely pleasant, which means that I always look forward to travelling on the train. I must have done this trip thirty times by now, if not more.

Firstly, today, when I joined the train, there was an older woman sitting in the seat next to mine, and on my seat, she had put food, magazines, her handbag, a cushion, a blanket, pens and paper. She was sound asleep.

Rather than wake her and then have to wait for ten minutes while she found homes for her crap, I noticed that the two seats directly across the aisle were empty, so I sat there instead. The conductor, who checked my ticket, told me that I could stay there for the duration of my journey.

The moment I sat down, I was harassed by a male child, perhaps 3yrs old, with green, runny, slimy snot all over his face and running down to his top lip. "Hullo!" he repeated in a very loud voice over and over and over again .. even after I had greeted him with my own smiling "hullo".

His father was on the phone mid conversation and literally demanded to know what station we were stopped at. I politely told him it was 'Cooroy' and at that moment decided to escape and go searching for the club car.

I was travelling on an old diesel train, so the club car was an old dining car, which suited me just fine. Large cubicles with big comfy padded seats and large tables to spread out my belongings.

I had to weave my way through four carriages of school children (bloody school holidays), none of whom were actually sitting in their seats, to reach it.

The dining car was relatively empty. A young 'Goth' girl in full garb was eating a hot meal at one table. A man in his early twenties was seated nearby enjoying a beer and three young girls, maybe in their late teens were sharing the last cubicle. One of these girls spent the entire trip to Gympie complaining loudly.

She complained about how slow the train was travelling, how late it was running (less than ten minutes by my watch), how uncomfortably crowded it was, how expensive the alcohol was at the kiosk ($8.50 for a bourbon and coke) and then when she'd finished finding fault with the train trip, she began, very loudly and very colourfully, relating the tales of woe that had befallen her since her day began.

I felt like she was channelling her mother. I felt like she enjoyed the drama that she was creating with her story telling. I felt such terrible negative energy coming from her every word.

Just as I was tempted to turn around and say ... JUST - SHUT - UP!!! ... she left the train at Gympie.

I'd only been on the train for 45 minutes and it felt like 4.5 hours!

Between Cooroy and Gympie, the train had made up so much time, that we had to wait at Gympie for eight minutes. The passengers were given permission to exit the train for a nicotine hit.

I must say, it's always pleasant to have a wave of people, wreaking of nicotine, board the train and sit in close proximity - NOT.

I returned to my seat before we left Gympie Station. I thought my luck had changed, because the man and his child were no longer in their seats, but alas, he was one of the smokers and soon returned with his loud, tired, sick little boy.

The boy was even louder than before. He was obviously very very tired. He began whinging and that developed into full blown bellowing, while his father remained perfectly calm and uttered "C'mon Axell (he spelled it out for the conductor earlier), you're wearing me out."

Suddenly, there was silence. Axell had fallen asleep on the floor under his father's feet.

Somebody, somewhere in my carriage, had a music box, which played 'happy birthday'. They continuously wound it up and let it play out til it got slower and slower and slower, then stopped, then started all over again. I know where I wanted to put that music box.

When the music stopped, the man sitting behind me whistled the same tune, just softly enough for me to hear. I know where I wanted to put the whistling man.

When we were still an hour from my stop, I noticed that I was in the third last seat on the entire train. I looked out the back and could see the rail tracks trailing behind us ...


I wondered if Adoring Husband would have coffee waiting in the car. He did last time.

We finally reached Maryborough. Less than half an hour til my stop.

The bottom of my seat detached itself from the frame so my butt was sliding and floating with every movement from me or the train.

I discovered that the people who were sitting in the seat before I arrived, were moved because they complained about Axell. Axell and his dad disembarked at Maryborough.

FINALLY, we reached my destination!!

Adoring Husband was waiting on the platform with a big smile on his dial, but no coffee in the car. It was ok though, because we drove straight to Foodworks and bought coffee and food.

Right now, I am sitting exactly where I want to be ... where, during my traumatic train trip, I imagined I would soon be relaxing. My lovely welcoming lounge room, on my comfy sofa, with my feet up, in front of my big TV, watching a favourite movie.

I've unpacked both of my bags and cooked dinner and opened my mail and inspected the new furniture and yelled at the dogs for attempting to jump on the new furniture. I am home :)

I hope that Vegan Chickie has had a pleasant journey home. She should be landing soon and then will still have a few hours before she reaches the comforts of her home. Welcome home lovely daughter. I know your family is very excited to be seeing you!

Nite all.


Sunday, September 25, 2016

One More Sleep

This babysitting gig is over *insert sad face here*

I can't wait to return to Adoring Husband and sleep in my own bed tomorrow night *insert happy face here*

It's all kind of bitter sweet.

Chicklet fell asleep tonight with her arms wrapped tightly around my arm. The first time I attempted to slide my arm out, she stirred and squeezed even tighter! It took another two attempts before I could escape her clutches!

Our superhero characters today were Spiderman (me) and Flash (Chicklet). My arms were incredibly tired from reaching and stretching to create my stringy web to swing from the ceiling.

We watched the Lego movie again this morning. Created lots of artwork for Mama. Ate our final creative lunch, which was plants from the 'Plants v Zombies' game plus a mouse eating a cracker ...

... played Plants v Zombies (of course).

When Dadu came home for his work break, I took the opportunity to hibernate in my bedroom for an hour to catch my breath ready for the second shift this afternoon. The afternoon shift is always shorter than the morning, but involves play, dinner, bath, storytime and bed. Timing is of the essence! We generally run pretty smoothly though and she enjoys her routine.

Her favourite book for the entire two weeks that I've babysat (I had a week in the middle at home), has been 'My Farm' by Alison Lester.  Except for the first night when I read a disappointing dragon book, 'My Farm' is the only book that I've read the entire time. She just about knows the words off by heart - depending on what character she falls asleep as - for example, tonight she fell asleep as a dragon and because the dragon had never heard the book before, she didn't know any of the words.

Chicklet and Dadu are very excited about Vegan Chickie coming home .. especially Dadu, who has been declaring a countdown every day for the last three days with a 'wahoo' at the end.

Anyway, now I am going to study Netflix and see what I can fall asleep to tonight. I may just rewatch some 'Grace and Frankie'. It's always good for a laugh.

Nite all.