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Three major events occurred for me last year (2010), all in the space of about 2 weeks. I turned 50. The following day I got married. Two weeks later, my oldest daughter became pregnant with her first child and my first grandchild.

Most middle-aged people will tell you that in their minds, they still feel 20 something. It's the same for me.

Wasn't it only yesterday that I was planning a night out with guys from the surf club? That gorgeous new perm. Flaired, cuffed denims and the red t-shirt with the off-the-shoulder frill. Corked platform wedgies. **sigh**

Suddenly I'm looking in the mirror and wondering how 30 years can flash by so damned quickly!

So here I am in cyberspace, sharing my genuine shock and horror with anyone who'll listen and maybe I'll even meet some other over 50s who find themselves in the same predicament!

Welcome to my dilemna!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Full Day

Of course, it all started with coffee at the Seat of Knowledge!

Squirt came with me and took the opportunity to say goodbye to the boys.

I returned home with her, so that I could say goodbye to The Band Leader, and then I made my way to 'indoor bowls', where I go every Thursday morning, and left them to finish packing and make their way home.  Our goodbyes, surprisingly, did not include tears!

I left bowls early today so that I could get myself organised for a birthday lunch at the park.

After picking up a few things from the supermarket, I decided to pedal home along the river.

I came across six kids selling sea-shells and soldier crabs outside their holiday home.  They had dragged a round table from the house and set it up beside the pathway and then placed the shells around the table.

They had collected the shells from along the beach and were selling them for prices that ranged from 10c to $1.  Of course, any of us could collect similar shells for ourselves by walking along the beach, but these kids had decorated the table and made price tags and were spruiking to attract customers.

They were polite, confident and well spoken kids who became very excited when I told them that I would like to buy some of their shells.  After all, they had put so much effort into this little venture, how could I resist?

I bought two shells at $1 each and as I paid them, they proudly announced "You are officially our first paying customer!"

I started to pedal off, when I decided that I should take their photo, so I asked their Dad's permission and got them to pose around the table.

Here are the shells that I bought ...

The bargain shells!
By midday, I had prepared my lunch, tossed a couple of Cruisers in an esky bag, packed my camera and headed off to the park for Mrs Bucket's birthday lunch.

She was already there with Aussie H, Woman of Many Talents and Joyful Kiwi, still awaiting the arrival of a few others.

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the tide was coming in, there were happy laughing children everywhere and families enjoying picnics.  Kids were fishing off the river bank or paddling their kayaks and canoes along the river.

Dogs were barking and bounding through the shallows.  Toddlers were building sand castles.  There were young ones on skate boards, scooters and bicycles winding their way along the paths.

It was the perfect picture of Spring!

Mrs Bucket was in fine form and happily enjoying the company of her friends.

Mrs Bucket (62 today!)
As we enjoyed lunch, another friend, "Mother" arrived and joined us.  Not long after that, yet another arrived with some delicious nibblies.

After a very pleasant four hours with good food, good wine and good friends, I packed my things into the basket of my trike and made my way home, feeling very relaxed and ready for some quiet time on the couch with Adoring Husband.

It's been a full, but most enjoyable day and now I am ready to collapse in my bed and sleep the night away!

Nite all.

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